Eleven buildings, a thousand housing units, one big jolt for… Madison

Eleven buildings, a thousand housing units, one big jolt for… Madison

Tom Corcoran’s plans for a massive mixed-use Nashville development are long in ambition — and their timeline.

Corcoran has unveiled new specifics for his proposed overhaul of a 32-acre property in Madison, at a shopping center eight miles northeast of downtown. If fully developed as planned, the Madison Square project would feature 11 buildings containing a combined 1,035 residential units (mostly apartments and townhomes), more than 360,000 square feet of office space, civic space for community meetings and local theater performances, and also 163,000 square feet of retail. All told, it’s likely more than $100 million of construction.

At first glance, that’s a lot to comprehend for an area that to this point has witnessed little of the real estate boom that has coursed throughout Nashville in the past few years. Corcoran, though, is but one of a jolt of developers and businesses flashing new interest in Madison. Yazoo Brewing Co., a legacy name in Nashville’s craft beer scene, is decamping from the Gulch and heading to Madison. Other investors have plans in the works to revitalize a former bowling alley and a former Kmart, among other projects.

In an interview, Corcoran said he has the investor equity in place to secure a construction loan for the first phase, an estimated $25 million dose of construction that would feature 386 apartments at the rear of the site, farthest from Gallatin Pike. Metro Council has approved a zoning change that would enable Corcoran and co-investor James Maddox to create their full vision.

In that same interview, Corcoran also pumped the brakes.

“This is a generational investment for us. I hope we never feel like we’re in a rush at any point,” Corcoran added. “It’ll be a number of years before all of this comes together.”

Corcoran said he expects to begin construction within the next few years — but definitely not this year, he said, because design work on specific buildings has yet to begin. Corcoran also said he’s not eager to immediately build apartments, given the amount of units under construction or coming soon to Nashville.

“The builders will build as long as the lenders will lend. And right now, the lenders are pretty hesitant,” Corcoran said, speaking specifically about financing for apartments.

“The way [Nashville is] growing, six months from now, maybe we have a different outlook,” Corcoran added. “I do think we’ll start construction within the next five years, barring something really unusual or unexpected.”

Nashville architecture and land-planning firm Hawkins Partners Inc. is advising Corcoran and Maddox on their project.

Metro is making related investments as well. A $6 million road named Station Boulevard is set to open in summer 2019, connecting into the project with a roundabout and also linking with Gallatin Pike.

Corcoran also has a Brentwood-based real estate firm named Crestview Funds. Through that outlet, Corcoran owns two of the former anchor stores of the old Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch. He is investing more than $40 million to turn both into office space. Tenants so far include Bridgestone Americas, which has leased half of a former Sears store and now employs about 500 people in that office.

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